Products & Services

Our turn-key services offers outstanding savings and convenience to our clients in terms of mobilization, control, and cost concurrently.
Loonglobal has augmented its services to include:

Thermal Insulation


Main Product Range for Thermal Insulation includes:
Foamglas Blocks and Pipe Sections
Rockwool Batts, Blankets and Pipe Sections
Calcium Silicate Boards, Pipe Sections and Powder Cement
Fibre glass Batts, Blankets and Pipe sections
Polyurethane, Polyisocynurate Pipe Sections, slab
Perlite pipe section & slab




Main Product Range for Fireproofing complying to UL1709 includes:
Pyrocrete 241
Isolatek Type MII
Isolatek Type TG


Painting Works

Main Product Range for Painting Works
Hempel Coating
Jotun Paint

Scaffolding Works

We are a MOM approved scaffolding contractor that provides scaffolding services to our clients as and when they require.
The certificate can be found in the certification page in our website.